Saturday, June 30, 2018

Vancouver, Manhattan, Seattle 350k while you sleep 1 sale

Become a Wealth Exchange World Market Merchant > Fresh new condos added. Over 250 to be sold . Offer expires soon only 60 partners needed.  Email:

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Condos are a popular form of housing in major cities all over world. When buying a condo, don’t just buy any condo, make sure that you take time and buy the best. People are looking for comfort and luxury in their mode of living. A luxury condo should be able to offer the comforts and a luxurious living environment. However, luxury should be well defined so that you can know what to expect when looking for a luxury condo.

Condos, lofts & luxury condominiums for sale in Seattle
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Member             Nationality                Property Market                    Payout (USD)

John Mattias        Aberdeen Scotland       Vancouver Condos                    $155,000.00
Harry Rose          Manchester UK             New York Manhattan                  $356,000.00
Edward Harley     Vancouver Canada       Miami Beach homes                    $5,320.00
Fernando Cruz     Cebu City Philippines    Greater Toronto condos             $79,000.00
Josh Bernsen       Seattle Washington      Seattle Condo Suites                   $175,000.00
Scott Matthews    Portland Oregon          New York Manhattan                   $230,000.00

Totally paid $1,000,320.00  (5 out of 30 partners paid the highest. Hiked condos and homes )

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Jeffery Morgan
Marketing Director
Gn’B World Vancouver
1263 Pacific Boulevard, Yaletown
Vancouver, BC V6B 5Z5

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